Bardoliners front

Our Place.

The most central hotel in Bardolino.

Bardoliners is the most central bed and breakfast (someone calls us “Boutique hotel”, charmy!) in Bardolino, located in the heart of old town. We are literally 80 m far from the lake and, precisely, 90 meters far from central church. Within 1 minute walking you can find dozens of bars, restaurants and shops. Luckily, cars are not allowed in our pedestrian and quiet street, so it might be important to have a look here to discover that we have a great solution to park your car: comfortable, convenient and safe.

Our rooms.

6 pearls.

At the ground floor you can see where we live our breakfasts moments. Upon the stairs, 6 rooms, 2 for each floor, and the rooftop terrace. We put our passion for details everywhere, from the handmade curtains to the best possible parquet on the floor, from resin in our bathrooms to original wood doors, brushed and renovated but, still, about 100 years old. All rooms have the same high-quality furniture, same dimensions, same layout, same love. Everyone is numbered with the year of birth of our family members. We differentiate them in categories, exclusively based on their distribution in our structure:

Room #93.

It is the lower one on the back, at first level. It means that it keeps a good temperature also during peaks of summer (all our rooms have air conditioning) and there are not many stairs to be climbed. The fact that it is not high, means that when you open the windows you are so close to the wall of other building, this is way we call it wall view room on platforms.

Room #60.

It is at first level, front side. It is a superior, because when you open its windows (bigger than other rooms’ ones) you see the quiet street where we are located. It combines good aspects of #93 (not many stairs) but it offers a pretty typical view of our street, when you wake up in the morning.

Room #80.

It is located above #93, B-side of our home. It is named simply as Double, because it hasn’t the “limit” of the one at first level, but windows are smaller than Superiors’ ones and it offers a view of the roofs of other houses, pretty romantic.

Room #57.

It is equal to #60, upper floor, in front of #80’s door.

Room #16 and #25.

They are our Deluxe ones, because they are located at higher floor and because they are the closest ones to our rooftop terrace (which is open to all our guests anyway). At third floor, Minibar drinks are included.

When you’ll get out, this is what you’ll find.



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