What you need to know.

You want you to be aware about further details.

Parking instructions.

A crucial aspect. A great solution.

Bardoliners is located in the heart of Bardolino old town, in a pedestrian area where cars are generally not allowed. We are grateful for it, because this restriction guarantees that our magic neighborhood remains as it is: and healthy place, full of flowers, bars and restaurants tables, shops and chilling people. We also think that it is great for our guests, who can walk around and enjoy our town with no worries about cars, parking, wine tasting.

BUT, we also know that our guests may need a good solution for their cars during their staying, so we offer the chance to reserve a parking lot into our private places, located in an underground, new, big, camera-monitored, controlled-access garage along the main street, 400 m away from out door. (Via Leopardi, + Click here for Google map instructions).

If you contact us on your check in date, we usually reach you directly at this spot, in order to handle this aspect in the smoothest possible way and to help you with luggage.

If you don’t, you can leave your car in public parking on the other side of the street, walk to Bardoliners for the check in and ask for parking card.

If you prefer to look for other parking areas, feel free to do so. Our parking is just an option.

If you necessarily want a place where your car is parked literally into the same building where you have your bed, well, Bardoliners is not the right choice for you.

Bardoliners parking on Google Map

Some other less important things to know.

Details are never just details.

We have real and efficient hairdryers. it’s not that common, is it?

We don’t have a lift. There would not be space for it, and considering our small dimensions, we don’t think we would really need it.

Our Staff is not always present 24h. We develop great relationships with our guests who sometimes become friends, we are totally involved in your experience here, we support you in any way we can, you will be probably surprised by our commitment. We are always here till 17.00, occasionally we stay even later, but check-in procedure is guaranteed until this time. You can contact us to organize a self-service check-in, so you can easily get in also late in the afternoon, but our organization is not designed for a 24h concierge.

We love our home, and we deeply empathize with those who appreciate it as we do. But we know it can’t happen every time and, on the other side, sometimes (rarely) people behave in improper ways, so all public areas are camera monitored.

We can’t host your dogs. We love them, we have pets, we perfectly understand the need (or willing) to take them with you in your days off. But we also think that they deserve adequate spaces and finishing, and our home can’t offer these conditions.

Our rooms have an efficient air conditioning system. Please remember that we applied 2 contacts on windows, so if you open one of them fresh air immediately stops.

Our breakfast is organized in 2 shifts: 8.00-9.15||9.15-10.30. In the past it wasn’t like this, but after restrictions we introduced in recent – peculiar – period, we saw that this “rule” allows us to be more efficient in providing a good and warmer service to all people at our tables, offering a better breakfast experience. So, even if sometimes it could be annoying (and we are sorry for that), we decided to keep this new access-procedure, doing our best to be as flexible as possible in satisfying needs of those friends with a strict Plan.

In this era, everybody should be prepared about rates dynamics. Rates change on a daily base, depending on period you are focused on, number of nights you need, number of rooms already booked in those days and a bunch of other factors. It is like airways companies, and we all accepted it in late 90s. There is one thing that YOU CAN CONTROL: where you place your reservation. If you use this official website, you can be sure you will get the best online available rates, and if you find better conditions you can ask for them, we can always make better. On the other side, if you book on other famous platforms, they ask for a huge fee that will be covered with higher rates.
Make your choice.

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