We want you to be aware of further details

What you need to know.

Parking instructions.

A crucial aspect. A great solution.

Bardoliners is located in the heart of Bardolino old town, in a pedestrian area where cars are generally not allowed. We are grateful for it, because this restriction guarantees that our magic neighborhood remains as it is: and healthy place, full of flowers, bars and restaurants tables, shops and chilling people. We also think that it is great for our guests, who can walk around and enjoy our town with no worries about cars, parking, wine tasting.

BUT, we also know that our guests may need a good solution for their cars during their staying, so we offer the chance to reserve a parking lot into our private places, located in an underground, new, big, camera-monitored, controlled-access garage along the main street, 400 m away from out door. (Via Leopardi, + Click here for Google map instructions).

If you contact us on your check in date, we usually reach you directly at this spot, in order to handle this aspect in the smoothest possible way and to help you with luggage.

If you don’t, you can leave your car in public parking on the other side of the street, walk to Bardoliners for the check in and ask for parking card.

If you prefer to look for other parking areas, feel free to do so. Our parking is just an option.

If you necessarily want a place where your car is parked literally into the same building where you have your bed, well, Bardoliners is not the right choice for you.